Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sexy Women in Horror Movie

#3 Jordana Brewster in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Beginning

While we're on the topic of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"- it's one those horror flicks that frighten me the most because it's based on a true story. Jordana Brewster, also in "The Fast and The Furious", plays Chrissie in this prequel/origin of 2006, painting the picture of a monstrous man, supposedly a serial killer. And to think she ALMOST got away.

#4 Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil

Alright guys, I know you were waiting for her to show up. When you mention the deadly, but sexy battle of evil vs. woman, of course Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil comes to mind. It's also a video game which might it all that more appeasing. Milla Jovovvich, a model as well, plays a kick butt Alice in a not so whimsical Wonerdland in Resident Evil.

#5 Radha Mitchell in Pitch Black, The Crazies, and Silent Hill

Radha Mitchelle, an Austrailian beauty, has appeared on the big screen in several spooky thrillers: "Pitch Black", but oddly I didn't notice her because I was busy looking at Vin Diesel- I guess she was in that movie. The two other movies I did notice her in were "The Crazies" (excellent movie, by the way), and "Silent Hill" (Haven't seen it), but I know it's based on the survival horror video games along with your other favorite, "Resident Evil".  

#6 Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Grudge

I had to post the token shower scene photo because it's iconic of a horror flick. Horror movies need shower steam almost as much as they need blood and gore to set the mood. "The Grudge" gave me nightmares. See! I told you I am a chicken, but it's based on an endless curse that kills a person then it's passed on to kill someone else. like a bad chain email. I'm even suspicious of those too. Even the trailer for the movie was spooky.

#7 Odette Yustman in The Unborn and And Soon The Darkness

Odette Yustman plays Casey, a girl haunted by her unborn twin in "The Unborn". She also plays an even more scantily clad Ellie in "And Soon The Darkness".  

#8 Neve Campbell in Scream 1, 2, 3, and possibly 4?

Filming of Scream 4
Neve Campbell has to have some record for best returning scream queen to horror movie sequels. She has played Sydney in "Scream" 1,2,3, and now in the 4th one coming next year, 2011. You've got to admire her tenacity for hanging in there and surviving 4 brushes with death. I think some people are actually cheering on the masked Scream killer to destroy her once and for all.

#9 Melissa George in The Amityville Horror

Melissa George plays an excellent scream queen role in this remake of "Amityville Horror", released in 2005. And of course this is another one of those horror movies based on an (alleged) true story so it's spookier than most. Murders and paranormal experiences are just one feature of this film because smoking hot Melissa George is the other crucial part of the equation.   

#10 Halle Berry in Gothika

Halle Berry plays a psychologist in a women's mental hospital in the 2003 movie, "Gothika". I began my schooling in Psychology with hopes of working with the more extreme mentally ill people, but had a fear of becoming mentally ill myself. Possibly like medical students begin thinking they have every disease while learning about them. I realized it's not a big leap for anyone to go insane at the drop of a hat. In Gothika, this fear is entertained when Halle is put behind institution bars herself for a crime she didn't commit. This movie is a great combination of hot scream queen, psych thriller, and scary gore scenes.

Sexy Horror movie: "Mirrors"

Paula Patton gets wet
Amy Smart bares all in a bath scene

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  1. The games focused more on creating a constant sense of skin crawling nightmarish dread, giving the gamer the feeling that around any corner, through every door or window, there's some hellish abomination just waiting to tear your face off and wear it as a jock strap! The movie has failed here which is unfortunate because they succee. super scary movies