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تحميل الفيلم The Last Song 2010 خامس البوكس اوفيس للنجمة "مايلى سايرس" مترجم

تحميل الفيلم The Last Song 2010 خامس البوكس اوفيس للنجمة "مايلى سايرس" مترجم

الفيلم : مترجم
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About the movie

Nicholas Sparks is going deep with his every story and here in the book of The Notebook it speaks on volumes about how fathers get closer to their kids and how badly children need a father. It was not as simple as said in the book and with the movie called The Last Song 2010 it admires a wonderful story of an estranged father and his beloved son and daughter.
It was fully adventures with the summer and when daughter and son come back for the summer vacation it was up to dad to make company with them. It was been so long they meet each other and after that it was almost new experience for each one of them to really coop with day to day life. Miley Cyrus showing lot of experience of act in this movie and she was really adopted well into the movie. She was playing a role of a teen who not been in love and here with a chance of such freedom on summer she finds the perfect guy on her dreams. Some times in love you need to have some assistant there for in this love she has the perfect man on her side her dad. It was kind of proudly embedded character and responsibilities added to father.
Always fathers are some what ahead than the daughters and it was time when they get lost with their love father stand still to lead them the way. It was what has happen in the movie The Last Song and it brought so much of adventure into the teen’s life and romance. Where ever Miley Cyrus appears there is going to be huge row of teens gathering for sure and it was what plays more in the mind of director.
It was why the movie looks deeper in drama and flexible with almost every frame they have added. Some times it also tries to see the women claps over the separations of man and in this movie the women who did leave the man behind having some second thoughts with this summer. It does appear to make some romantic back ground in almost each and other character plays.
It was also kind of cheat happen with the first love she found and how father coop with it and let the daughter guide about the life was extremely out standing. All these been so fluently adopted by the book. Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston join in the cast of this movie. With this summer movie experience it does travels so long in the life of many and most of all it gives good indications about having second chances in relationships. Some times people go get the facts right on the track by experiencing for the first time. Therefore it needs to build around slowly with friendship and it was very charm journey.
Julie Anne Robinson was the director of this movie and it was due to be released on April 2nd, 2010 (wide). More drama it was and lovely to see music composed mean while the drama of it. Walt Disney Studios Distribution joining the hands to distributed this featuring movie.

تحميل الفيلم The Last Song 2010 خامس البوكس اوفيس للنجمة "مايلى سايرس" مترجم

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